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Property Performance Statistics

of Suburb Median Price
Median Listing Price
Vacancy rate
Current listings in suburb
Avg days on market
Clearance rate

Property Performance Snapshot

Cash flow p/a

Year 1
Year 10
  Year 1 Year 10
Current/Potential rent
Potential gross yield
Total returns
(cash & growth)

3 Bed Unit Statistics - 4220

Median listing price $525,000
1 Yr listing price growth 4.4%
Median weekly rent $500
1 Yr weekly rent growth 7.5%
Median gross yield 5.1%

Median Price Change

Occupancy Statistics

Please note: We will display all statistics where data is available for suburbs/postcodes. However some data is not visible where a large enough sample isn't available hence statistics may read "N/A" and some graphs may be missing.

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