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Powerful Tools That Will Revolutionise Your Property Investing
Webinar: How to build and manage your property portfolio

Analyse your property investments: Create 10-year cash flow and capital growth forecasts.
Real time portfolio tracking: See market values, capital growth, equity, income, expenses and cash flow in real time.
Integrate your data with Xero, the global leader in cloud accounting.
Improve portfolio performance: Add thousands per year to your bottom line by easily monitoring and optimising the financial performance of each property.
Instantly find property that matches your buying criteria with our unique investment focused search engine.
Filter, search and analyse the listings from 40 plus sites nationally in one place.
Accurately estimate the value of any residential property and view on the market and sales history for better negotiation.
Analyse the investment performance trends of every suburb and complete your research with the latest data.

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Masterclass Webinar For First Time Property Investors

How do you balance buying for cashflow and capital growth?
How to do a detailed investment property forecast in just 2 minutes.
Finance: Making sense of LVR's and DSR's - what do they mean?
7 tips for increasing your borrowing ability.
How do you work out the maximum you should pay?
Why it's smart to buy at a $20k - $50k discount and create immediate equity.
11 things you can do to boost your rental income by $1,000 to $10,000 per year.
How to pick properties that generate both positive cash flow and tax refunds.
Negotiation tips: how to deal with agents and compete with other buyers and save thousands on every purchase.
Where do you invest first? It's simpler than you realise to find great investment locations.
The truth and traps with most "property hotspots".
Setting up your team of experts and who to avoid.
How to find an a-grade property manager in an industry of full of average people.

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