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The Real Estate Investar Top 50 Suburb Performance Reports enable you to track and predict the latest suburb and property trends. 

These suburb reports are updated on the first day of every month, meaning you can receive the very latest suburb data and download the reports that match your chosen property investment strategy.

You will learn key suburb trends and data including:

The suburbs producing the highest rental yields right now - ideal if you are looking for positive cash flow.
In which suburbs you can buy investment property for as little as $35,500.
The suburbs producing the best median price growth rates. Buying in high growth areas can rapidly increase your equity.
The suburbs with the highest % of distressed price listings.

About Real Estate Investar's Suburb Performance Reports

The reports are published on the first of each month, using live on the market sales and rental listings data. Accuracy is maximised by only publishing suburb results with high enough data sample sizes and is calculated at both a dwelling type and bedroom number level.

Property Market: Mining Towns Growth & Performance Suburb Reports

National and state level for:
$99 Highest yielding mining towns
$99 Fastest growth mining towns
$99 Mining towns with largest average annual median price increase in last 4 years
$99 Fastest rental growth mining towns
$99 Cheapest mining towns
$99 Most expensive mining towns

Property Market: Rental Stock & Growth Analysis Suburb Reports

Top 50's at national and state level for:
$99 Highest rental yield suburbs
$99 Fastest rental growth suburbs
$99 Highest vacancy rate suburbs
$99 Lowest vacancy rate suburbs
$99 Biggest vacancy rate drop suburbs

Property Market: Waterfront Growth and Performance Suburb

Top 50's at national and state level for:
$99 Biggest Quarterly Mover Waterfront Suburbs
$99 Biggest Turnaround Waterfront Suburbs
$99 Cheapest Waterfront Suburbs
$99 Fastest Median Growth Waterfront Suburbs
$99 Highest Yielding Waterfront Suburbs
$99 Most Expensive Waterfront Suburbs

Property Market: Affordability and Growth

Top 50's at national and state level for:
$99 Smarter to buy than rent suburbs.
$99 Cheapest rental suburbs.
$99 Fastest median growth suburbs.
$99 Best 4 year growth average suburbs.
$99 Cheapest suburbs.
$99 Biggest 4 year price decline suburbs.
$99 Biggest average median price decline suburbs.

Property Market: Movers and Faders

Top 50's at national and state level for:
$99 Fastest time to sell suburbs.
$99 Slowest time to sell suburbs.
$99 Suburbs with the biggest price gap between top and bottom.
$99 Suburbs with the highest percentage of renovation listings.
$99 Suburbs with the highest percentage of distressed price listings.
$99 Suburbs with the biggest decrease in stock on market.
$99 Fastest population growth suburbs.
$99 Suburbs with the biggest increase in stock on the market.
$99 Suburbs with the biggest increase in household income.

Top Suburbs: Growth, Yield and Affordability

Top 50's for:
$99 Yielding Suburbs
$99 Cheapest Suburbs
$99 Cheapest Rents
$99 Fastest Growth Suburbs
$99 Fastest Rental Growth Suburbs

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