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  • "It was so worth the subscription cost of joining Real Estate Investar. Thank you for helping us to grow a property portfolio that will give us a great lifestyle."

    Adrian Melbourne, NSW - May 2013
  • "I used Real Estate Investar to find property matching my criteria of cash flow and capital growth which saved me hours of time & helped me find deals before the rest of the market."

    Cam Cho, Auckland - May 2013
  • "My renovation has propelled my investing portfolio and provided a $50,000 equity gain, plus the property is cash flow positive after every expense. I fully endorse Real Estate Investar and can prove the results."

    Jeremy Tailor, WA - May 2013
  • "Using Real Estate Investar has made my property investing a lot simpler by combining most of my search needs into one central location."

    George Gross, WA - May 2013
  • "I joined Real Estate Investar almost a year ago and have since gone on to buy four buy and hold properties which my partner and I are very happy about."

    Tess Bins, QLD - May 2013
  • "Real Estate Investar has helped improve our quality of life. Our portfolio is now cash flow positive, and it has provided an excellent return on investment."

    Timothy Cantrill, NSW - May 2013
  • "I didn't realise just how efficient Real Estate Investar was. It quite literally slashed my research time to a fraction of what I had been spending to find property deals."

    Emily Greenway, VIC - Jan 2012
  • "Thank you for producing such a smart, invaluable and easy to use suite of property investment tools."

    John Le Brun, NZ - May 2013
  • "Real Estate Investar gave us the capability to identify the right property and the confidence to negotiate an excellent (discounted) price based on comparable sales evidence."

    Trevor Iverach , AUS - July 2015
  • "Both REI and Xero together are invaluable tools that I use to manage my property portfolio. It allows me to get a quick insight into my property business and is extremely valuable when end of year tax time approaches."

    Shayne Betreen , AUS - Aug 2015
  • "Real Estate Investar and Xero are an awesome match. I us Xero for my business and now with integration for my investment portfolio. It is so much easier at the EOFY. Highly recommend."

    Debra Surman, QLD - Sep 2011
  • "I heartedly recommend this exceptional tool for property investors that want to save time & money on their journey to added success."

    Kevin Dai, NSW - Sep 2011

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