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The Real Estate Investar Top 50 Suburb Performance Reports are an increasingly important asset for today's serious property investors.

Why? Because investing without the very latest property market trends means you may miss out on opportunities in areas that are producing the best results.

This pack of five free reports is the must-have item for any serious investor.

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Real Estate Investar Tools and Reports Recommendations:

I heartedly recommend this exceptional tool for property investors that want to save time and money on their journey to added success.
Kevin Dai, NSW
Real Estate Investar Tools help me to find, analyse and research the houses that match my strategic criteria and saves me a lot of time.
Cam, NZ
Nothing comes close to Real Estate Investar. Highly recommend the software to any property investor it helps you overcome the fear and eliminate any costly mistakes you might make on your own.
Steve Rodriguez, VIC

About Real Estate Investar's monthly Suburb Performance reports

The reports are produced using live on the market sales and rental listings data.

Accuracy is maximised by only publishing suburb results with high enough data sample sizes and is calculated at both a dwelling type and bedroom number level.

Receive the top 50 Australian:

Yielding Suburbs
Cheapest Suburbs
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Fastest Growth Suburbs
Fastest Rental Growth Suburbs

Join over 80,000 other property investors and learn a profusion of key suburb trends and data including:

The 16 suburbs producing 10%+ gross rental yields right now - ideal if you are looking for positive cash flow.
In which suburbs you can buy investment property for as little as $35,500 so you can take action now rather than sitting on the sidelines.
The 32 suburbs that are producing 15-46% median price growth right now. Buying in high growth areas can rapidly increase your equity.
What's happening in the market right now so you can target locations with the best chance of having properties meeting your particular criteria.

Real Estate Investar Tools and Reports Recommendations:

Emily Greenway | Location: Redan, Victoria | Strategy: Discount
Property deal details
  • It is a three bedroom house which I secured with $1,000.

  • I have negotiated a delayed settlement on the property and early access to it.

  • The advertised price of the property was $210,000 and I purchased it for $190,000.

  • Had I not have been able to research surrounding street values and comparables so quickly with the software and tools, I would have certainly missed out on this ripper deal.

    Property returns
    I rent out the property and receive $340 per week, thus earning $190 per week.
    The net effect of this deal is I am actually earning a positive income from this property before I even officially own it. It will also be positively geared once I settle.

    The many hundreds of properties I had searched using the Real Estate Investar tools has contributed greatly to my two successful 'buy land /build/ rent' properties. To have done this using traditional methods, the old way, would have taken me, I estimate over 5 months or more, searching daily per property.
    Peter Bilston, QLD
    After only a few days I was so impressed by how powerful Real estate Investar was, I soon became addicted!
    Emma, NSW

    John Le Brun | Location: Dunedin, New Zealand | Strategy: Discount
    Property deal details
    It is the Crown Mill complex in Dunedin New Zealand and consisted of;

    • 12 luxury apartments

    • A restaurant bar & function centre

    • A hairdresser

    • Another empty commercial space

    • Initial valuation $6m and was 80% unit titled with a valuation of $7.1m if sold this way.

    • Purchase price: $3.5m

    • Profit - $2.5m

Using a tool such as Real Estate Investar has made my property investing a lot simpler by combining most of my search needs into one central location.
George Gross, NSW
Being a very conservative person who wanted relatively 'safe' investments, I felt that all the statistical evidence really helped me to make investments that will grow over time.
Tess Binns, VIC